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Easy and secure approvals from any device

Streamline your contract agreements without leaving the Salesforce workflow thanks to VIDsigner's e-signature integration with Salesforce. With this connection, you can streamline the return of signed documentation for the many documents your teams routinely handle: from sales contracts, NDAs, quotes, and invoices, to service approvals, offer letters, new account openings, case management and consents.


Thanks to the integration of VIDsigner's electronic signatures with Salesforce, it is now possible to get your documents signed quickly and cost-effectively from within the Salesforce system.


We are a Qualified Trust Service Provider under Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (eIDAS)

Find more detailed information on the regulatory framework.

Thanks to the different signature channels offered by VIDsigner, users can sign a document whether they have a digital certificate or not, enabling easy and secure approvals from any device.

Everything happens within Salesforce:

For people who receive documents to sign:

No digital certificate is required.

For employees sending documents to sign:

Reduce waiting times, prevent errors and increase your productivity.

  • It eliminates data entry errors by automatically incorporating customer, product and pricing data from Salesforce.
  • Add documents and specify sending options and reminders.
  • Automates the agreement process before, during and after the electronic signature.

For manager:

Streamline your resource planning.

  • Creates and sends agreements for signature, triggers actions, tracks status and automatically stores agreements.
  • Your customers will be able to sign anytime, from any device. And your team will spend less time chasing deals.

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Grâce au portail technique et à l'API, les coûts en temps et en efforts pour intégrer les services de signature électronique de VIDsigner dans les applications Salesforce sont vraiment compétitifs.
Gabriele Baldini
Senior Salesforce & eSignature Manager Atlas Cloud
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