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Human Resources
AdQualis / Integrho
Integrho is a comprehensive ERP solution, flexible and integrable, to optimize people and talent management in companies.

Main Characteristics

  • INTUITIVE: Designed to make it easy for the user to perform any task regardless of its complexity and always ensuring a safe and controlled environment.
  • ZERO MAINTENANCE: Provides enormous autonomy in its operation and updating. Thus, it avoids costly computer maintenance and the need to employ exclusive technical personnel.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Integrho is a multipurpose software that manages data volumes for companies of different sizes, from 100 to more than 10,000 employees.
  • AVAILABILITY: It works on any operating system and database, both in SaaS Cloud and on-premise licenses. In addition, it reduces costs in technological infrastructure and training.
  • PARTNERS: We work with a network of top-level companies that offer different services around Integrho: developments, outsourcing, BPO, integration, etc. In this way, we ensure that Integrho is always a success.
  • PERFORMANCE FROM THE FIRST MINUTE: Integrho is operational from its installation, providing a fast, excellent and easily quantifiable ROI (Return on Investment), and allows a total deployment scalable module by module depending on the needs.
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