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Tryton ERP
Ttytron ERP / NAN-tic
Tryton is a very powerful, modular and extensive business management software, which you will get the most out of if you have an expert team of IT consultants and developers. This is where NaN-tic can make your management tool better than your competition. With NaN-tic you will have the team of expert developers and consultants that you need dedicated to your company.

Main Characteristics

Save with the integrated digital signature

With Tryton you will be able to integrate digitally signed documents with the maximum legal guarantee thanks to the integration with ViDSigner. You'll save time, space, and paper with well-ordered signed contracts in Tryton ERP business management software.

Improve the communication with your customers

Tryton is not only open in its source code, but also in its philosophy. For this reason, it facilitates the export of data to Excel, so that you can work with the tools that you consider most appropriate, and the integration with the Asterisk telephone switchboards, to exploit its communication capabilities.

One ERP, a thousand companies

If the company is made up of more than one company, Tryton allows the different business groups to be incorporated into the same ERP, unify their management and share products and third parties. In addition, it also allows you to decide in detail what information is shared between companies and what is specific to each of them.

Monitoring and control of workload

Tryton has a data change log that allows you to know which user has modified the ERP data and also check the previous conditions of any record. Even if users make changes, you can see what the data was before the change. A very useful functionality in complaints, since it allows checking the client's arguments.

Security tailored to you

Tryton offers limited access for each user, because not all employees need the same information: the salesperson wants to know the status of their offers, the accounting department, pending invoices... With Tryton you can customize the security level of each user and limit access, editing or modification of data. It is a business management software that also adapts to each user.

A good organization to gain speed and productivity

Tryton's desktop allows you to create a personalized control screen for each user with the tables and graphs that are used on a daily basis, so that all the information is available. In addition, it is possible to attach documents simply by dragging them. Photos, plans, contracts or any other file, always available when you need them. And so you don't waste time on repetitive tasks, it allows you to make changes to the data in bulk.

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