EU4Innovation Kosovo

EU4Innovation Kosovo is a project that aims to establish an eID system in Kosovo in alignment with European regulations.

EU4Innovation Kosovo

Key Project Drivers

Government of Kosovo

The Project

The objective of this project is to establish a secure eID system for Kosovo, enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the private sector by leveraging ICT, create a safe and reliable e-commerce environment, and improve electronic service delivery for individuals and businesses.

This will involve the implementation of a complete public key infrastructure. Additionally, the proposed eID system will include an identity wallet, which will enable citizens to generate advanced electronic signatures and manage their personal data.  

The initiative will support the digitalisation efforts of the Kosovo government and enhance the competitiveness and profitability of businesses in Kosovo. It will also promote interoperability between Kosovo and Member States, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.  

Despite Kosovo not being a part of the European Union, the project endeavours to comply with European standards and regulations, including the GDPR and eIDAS 2.0.


  • Establish a Kosovo eID system.
  • Create a wallet for signing and handling citizens identity data.
  • Obtain digital signature certificates for citizens and utilize them.
  • Venture into the Trusted Services Providers/Registration Authority market and distribute digital certificates for citizens and digital seals for businesses.  
  • Demand digital seals and implement them in business operations.  
  • Incorporate eID integration features to enable citizens to authenticate and electronically sign documents and transactions on businesses' online platforms.